Hey! Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for the delay, I was offline for a while. For the GE Engine mod, you can find it here: https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/5614-adapting-the-jar-ge-pw-mods-to-the-xp12-default-a330-300/

And yes I can try to make Aerolinas argentina if you want and if it is not already done.

I attend this school. There is currently a new hangar there now. I also believe they are building more stuff on the Airport campus. The trees next to Aviation Hall dorm are all gone now.

Great! Some piramids still there but not that much like in orginal, shape of clouds is much better!

Hello, great livery. I’d like to request vh-vwn and vh-vww. There both Jetstar a321s with iae engines. You can look them up on the internet if need be. I’d love these to come highly detailed to my toliss so that would be greatly appreciated.


Hello! Awesome livery! I do have 2 requests though it would mean the world if you could consider making them. The first request is VH-VWN. It’s a Jetstar a321 sl with iae engines. I don’t have a picture but you should find some on the internet. My next request is VH-VWW. This is also a Jetstar a321 iae but it has wing tip fences. You may be able to see a picture on the internet as-well. I’d love to see these come highly detailed for the toliss!

Thanks so much

Unforutnately I cant post it they will not let me

Hi,When trying to download it downloads a .rar doc, not a file. Why is that?


many thanks, i try that immediatly, very good job 😊

I am having the exact same problem! anybody know how to fix this? the standard 737 that comes with the x plane works with app/loc. Also x plane crashes when I load the zibo mod. I have to start a new flight with a default aircraft for it to then work

I have added what I could of your feature request to v2.2.

Great work done so far! Suddently the ILS (APP,VOR/LOC) doesn't work :/

Scenery is now correct after I installed ORBX scenery library.

anytime i try to start a flight using the 737-800X, it crashes with the error message of "An airfoil could not be found!"

Brilliant in every way, attention to detail is amazing

Please ask for help on our forum

Fala Miska beleza se poder arrumar o plugin o simulador fica com impressão que o simulador esta travando eu rodo o xplane 12 com fps acima de 40 em cidades grandes meu monitor e 144hz e com seu plugin o simulador fica bem mais top mas seguinte parece que estou rodando o simulador a 10fps com um monitor de 60hz fica tudo travado ao redor por favor espero que corrija e arrume seu plugin é show

I cant download the Beta version just goes back to need update the stops any Suggestions TIA

Are you sure you're using XP 12? The terminal building is made of standard blanks from this simulator

Türk bayrağının boyutu çok büyük olmuş ve kuyrukta hata var gerçek resimlere göre karşılaştırınca

wow awesome livery man thanks, can you please make a kuwait airways a330 livery if possible. Many thanks

The 1.29 update splits into the XP11 and 12 versions of the aircraft so you have to redownload from the .ORG store. This also means that you’ll need to reinstall the plugs again. If you don’t have the downloaded file anymore then you can redownload it from here.

I tested the 1.29 update in XP12 and have no issues thus far. I haven’t looked at the XP11 version yet so if I find any naming differences I will update the installation instructions.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

preset 3 drops my fps from 40 to 16 and preset 2 sits fps at around 25 in tolis a319

Airport terminal not showing.

Update Xp12 to the latest BETA version as mentioned in the changelog.

How to do work in Xp12, the 1000 Mod does not work yet on Xp12

Thank you for your support and feedback!

Please come to the forum for help as mentioned in the original post, I do not do support here

Read the release notes please and then comply, you need the latest XP12 BEAT for it to work. I f you need more help, come to the forum. We will help you there as mentioned in the original post.

So now you penalize me for your own lack of knowledge and effort?

That is really sad hey.

Just read the actual post and the release notes and then comply like everyone else.

If you still need help, come to the forum, I am not going to do support there as CLEARLY started in the original post as well

I do not read here often BESIDES I told you very clearly, that I do not do support here. You need to put support comments and requests on the forum, The link is provided in the original post.

Also, this is the correct version, you need to learn to read it correctly - V3.55 is the base version and 4.0 is the Ealy Access version number of the v3.55

How do I download the carda mod into my laminar a330? I have no idea how to implement the mod.

I will test this right away and get back to you.

Update: I installed version 12.04r2 (the latest build) and was able to save and load presets. In the current version of ITC you do have to select a radio button to save or load the respective preset.

I would recommend removing ITC, loading X Plane, closing X Plane, reinstalling ITC, then restarting X Plane.

The presets use Lua file read/write functions which shouldn't change with X Plane version. If you continue to have the issue get back to me either here, or email me at [email protected] so we can continue to look into the issue.

I don't think it's possible, but I will look into it.

Hi, will there be an update for this soon? I can no longer save presets as of 12.04r1 update.

Wrong version (3.55) is downloading for me, even though the button clearly says 4.0

Hello, and excellent work, would there be the possibility of being able to adjust the lower intensity of the Spill function without checking the killing spill box, thanks for all

Page says v1.1, but it appears to be v1.0 when installed. Did I miss the correct link?

Running B738X_XP12_EA_4_0 with great success on my Max Studio on the X-Plane 12 platform. The Zibo 737 is excellent in all manners and highly reccommended. Thanks for the continuous updates!

can't start the plane, keys don't work